Friday, March 11, 2011

Filmy Erotyczne Na Nokie Za Darmo Do Pobrania

Tag - Achilles fast ^ _ ^ Oh

participate too in this offering delicious tag. The owner in this case is the beautiful blog Arshes ArshesOnTheOtherside , and tagghino dedicatoal is brilliant booklet signed Stefano Benni and 10 stupid things that make us feel bad ...

(Photo from the Web)

So I say to myself .. .

1) that laddered stockings, a Classicon Oo

2) the broken nails, but not because they are ugly (and they are not it), poor things, is that gives me trouble just feel all day "scratch"-_-'

3) the hem of the pants that falls at midday
But here never mind eh, I Normally I use a method to high-high-couture-by-office ... Pinzo the edge with the stapler and the fear goes ^ _ ^

4) grant the holidays, I'm there to do list to bring only the things really useful, but the bag after all I was busy even global dimensions, but hell, I told you that you had to be small!

you put on a diet, look at that if you do not obey the next time I'll put you on a diet for real-_-'

5) bag of the holidays, I brought everything, but all-all that could be used, including enamel-pistachio-green-with-rhinestones-that-perhaps-a-night-the- l'ho-put-that-got-to-balance-of-sephora-but-not-ever-used-l'ho

and I left home the pajama-_-'... but vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa', but because I do this !!!!!!!

6) outing on Sunday, I vo does the trick, I also managed the equal-perfect eyes that if I made them with the team and the compass did not come out so similar, I put the sweater also nice that I just picked up and more beautiful than this if they have not ever seen, beautiful trip, a lovely city I'm enjoying it a lot and I also do photos and ACT! The connection at home and discover that I've got your hair type and curlew nest-of-naped check a furious bunch up by the one lifted a foot breath of wind that blew throughout the afternoon-_-'

there smiling ... and I'm happy and blessed with my bunch of look in the background ^ _ ^

(Anyways, 'eh patience, the important thing is that the trip was beautiful; D)

7) the bathroom door of Autogrill, restaurant, pizzaria, etc.. that does not close, but daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

8) shower, open water, drenched me well and I realize that is done AFTER the shampoo-_-'

9) morning, I've got in a hurry, but just quickly, I'm going to go out, go downstairs, winter, I already put in order: 1) scarf, 2) gloves , 3) heavy wool cap, 4) down, 5) I have already connected, 6) I have also plastered the collar with the gloss (because I have lifted up their nose, eh, you know, it's cold) and .... I forgot something ... so on, precisely so harnessed to the northwest of K2 climbing, climb the two flights of stairs and outside it is a cold pork but I'm covered in sweat for a camel would be admired .. .. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
And I hate to be hot
mean, tell me if I'm wrong, but here goes up the carcass, by force-_-'

10) Ultimo. The tenth. The most terrible of all.

Put in the morning and I fired, I put that to put on a pair of trousers and those .... ZAC! (STRO ** i) do not close properly Oo

practically the beginning of the end -_-''

And I mean in the sense that evil pants, for whatever reason they have that moment (fatal) of hesitation before deciding to close the shop and -_-'' (probably an adverse economic astral, Saturn-or against something, certainly not the first three weeks of the magnate, nooooo, not those)

Here, in this case the feeling of nervous and a large dose of incacchiamento general, I'm afraid to reach unparalleled levels
mean, here bitch just triumphs -_-''

Arshes Thanks! :)


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