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Some titles fundamental

Some students have asked me titles reference for the course on comics. Here is a list (which surely will be updated in the future) of text, beautifully linked to for purchase online.
We welcome comments, criticisms and additions.

Graphic Novels Classic
The shape of the graphic novel today is the main outlet for the domestic comic strip comes to life by some of the fundamental works genre: the parent is certainly Maus, a comic tale Nazi Holocaust. A matrix, the journalistic and autobiographical time itself, which is fundamental to the graphic novel and that is used by Persepolis, a magnificent story of training the Iranian Marjane Satrapi. More personal and intimate stories of two other masterpieces of the genre: S. of Gipi dedicated to the relationship between the author and the father and Blankets , a teenage love story by Craig Thompson.

Dettagli prodotto Blankets by Craig Thompson
Dettagli prodotto S. of Gipi

Masters of design
Some authors have created a comic book style that influenced their generation, and illustrated works that constitute a fundamental basis of study for anyone who deals with the genre. For the study of stroke and dash Moebius and
Magnus are acknowledged masters, those who love the manga genre can not overlook the reintrepretazione original styles of design has given the duo Barbucci Canepa .

Dettagli prodotto The White City. Sky Doll: 3 (Classic) Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci

New names
A bit 'of interesting names in the contemporary comics scene: Brian L. O'Malley offers a highly personal reading of the graphic novel Blankets training the mixed styles of teen fantasy manga, Larcenet autobiography offers a sincere and deep as much fun, Joann Sfar demonstrates exceptional talent as a storyteller, Fior proposes a novel that has the depth, delicacy, and the pace of improvement cinema.

Graphic Journalism
The comic book has become a real genre, thanks to the success of works like the aforementioned Maus and Persepolis. The publisher Yellow Beak offers many titles, all produced by young authors. The result is uneven, but the commitment and considerable editorial consistency.

Dettagli prodotto Dossier Genoa G8 Gloria Bardi and Gabriele Gamberini
Dettagli prodotto Ustica Leonora Sartori and Andrea Vivaldo


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